Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekend reads - Game Changers by Mike Lupica

What are you reading this weekend? I have so many books checked out from the public library (44), not to mention from my school library (including audiobooks) that there's no way I'll get through them all in 2 days but I'm going to try!

In the car, I'm listening to Game Changers by Mike Lupica and I've found that I really enjoy his books. They're easy to stereotype as tween guy fiction but in reality, girls would probably enjoy them too, esp. if those girls enjoy playing in their local Pop Warner league. Proud to say that one of my students read The Underdogs, another by Lupica, and enjoyed it!

Mike Lupica develops the friendships among teammates to a good degree, with each character having a unique strength, or weakness, depending on the plot. Game Changers is about the local QB, Shawn, whose dad was the local QB star turned pro who now coaches the kid's league and expects his son will carry the torch, or ball, too. This time, the son isn't feelin' that QB glory and he chokes during the games, costing his team valuable points. Of course, on the team is another local kid, Ben, who would just LOVE to take over as QB but it remains to be seen if the coach will "see the light" and make a position change. I really like Ben's character. If my son grew up to be like Ben, an affable, agreeable sort, I would be thrilled. Chances of many kids being just like Ben, slim. However, Lupica does a good job of developing Ben's good nature and his friendship with Sean. I'm not finished with this book yet but I'm looking forward to the next and have been pushing Lupica's books like crazy with my students this week. I hope you enjoy Game Changers as much as I am enjoying it. 5 stars here on Brandon's Books!

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