Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring cleaning

It's finally spring and as the weather warms up, I feel so motivated to de-clutter, clean, enjoy the outside, and read.  How to do all of those at the same time?  Hmmmmm....

Well, I'm enjoying my audiobooks while I carry my little guy to soccer practices on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I have discovered how much I'm motivated to cook when I have an audiobook to keep me company.  The same goes for folding laundry.  I also find that when cleaning or de-cluttering my home or office, that my reading life needs some rethinking.  What about you?

In my #bookbootcamp discussions, I find inspiration to read so many new titles that my TBR list is growing disproportionately to my actual reading lists.  So why not apply the de-clutter and spring cleaning advice to our reading life like we do to other areas of our lives?

Those series titles that I tried but couldn't finish...swept off of my TBR list.  I dusted off a few titles sitting on my bookshelf and returned them to the library since I haven't read them in the 6 weeks they've inhabited the shelf.  Surely, there is someone else who can read these while I catch up on other good books!

Here are some great books I've read lately.  I've been heavily reading historical fiction and it started with the Luxe series by Godbersen, which lead to the Flappers series by Larkin.  While these wouldn't be appropriate for middle school, I do feel they give us some insight into those eras of history.  The one middle grades novel I've finished recently, One Came Home by Amy Timberlake, is a great Wild West mystery with a strong sharpshooting female character.  Enjoy!